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Teaming up with Starfish International

Starfish International, has worked with over 1000 students for the past 11 years, and has seen the setback failing mathematics has caused students. Some of them have changed their passion, lifetime goals, and career paths because of their inability to excel in Mathematics.

Together we have taken up the challenge to provide students and teachers the opportunity to develop and improve their Mathematics skills and to learn through constructive feedback and guidance through eMathStudio. This pilot project is existing in commendable institutions in the Gambia: Starfish International, St. Augustine’s Senior Secondary School, and St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School. It is being mounted with an evaluation exercise, which we intend to study to better design the project to cover more schools in the near future. 

The partnership is enabled by WeBridge, a company that connects impact-based Nordic/ Baltic companies/organizations to the African markets and vice-versa

Read More at Starfish International’s Facebook pages.

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