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We are going Moodle!

Write mathematics in Moodle with eMath Editor

Full mathematics editing, now in Moodle!

Imagine exams where the students' full solutions can be graded automatically for:

  • Every step
  • Up to university level mathematics

With eMathStudio's eMath Editor embedded inside Moodle, you can get all of this done, without any extra work from your side. Just write the question, or use your own existing questions and your students will be able to write structured answers in one or several steps with the eMath Editor.

Now imagine what you could do when both you and an advanced AI can suddenly see your student’s assignments in real time!

You can stop imagining now, because it is already possible, starting today. Sign up and become our beta-partner. You get a free plug-in subscription for up to 1000 students at your institution – all we ask for is feedback. First come, first served basis. Email us at support@emathstudio.com

Type mathematical notation in Moodle with eMath Editor, the unique math editor from eMathStudio, now available in your own Moodle environment. eMath Editor offers a user experience that will improve your understanding of mathematics and is better than handwriting. Include math equations in assignments, questions or communications between users, and write full derivations. eMath Editor makes it possible for students to show their work and solve problems smoothly in a digital environment. They can even check the correctness of each step, and try to correct their mistakes themselves.

Contact us to try it out today!

Boka demo via epost