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Find your skill gaps. In math everything builds on the previous issues. Missing one thing makes it difficult to understand the next.

Automatic assessment

Check. Every step. Automatically.

eMathStudio offers automatic step-by-step checking in an new way that helps you understand exactly where you calculation went wrong. So that you can find your mistakes, and learn from them.

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eMathStudio makes math easier and more beautiful

Fanny, 17 years, Finland

Now I think about what I’m supposed to do next as opposed to just calculating.

Girl, Finland

Calculating assignments on the computer is convenient!

Frida 16 years and Emilia 17 years, Finland

I have always dreamt about the students being able to explain their solutions. This is even better!

Teacher, Estonia

It is the clarity in it, absolutely. When a student's mind is wandering and she is looking around casually, then she can catch up by reading the comments written there in between. It is good for the students, in particular, that what the teacher is saying is now written down there in the solution too.

Teacher, Finland

I would recommend this method to those who are weak in maths. I wasn’t good, my grade was 3 (scale 1-5) but now it’s 5. Structured derivations helped me.

Boy, Estonia

Thanks to eMathStudio you really do understand each step.

Boy, Finland

eMathStudio is a better way to do math

Mathias, 17 years, Finland

Automatic step-by-step checking

Check the correctness of every step of your own calculation, from middle school to university level mathematics. The checker will show you exactly where you have made mistakes so that you can go back and fix them, learn from them, and become more confident about all the things you do understand.

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Math notebook

Write math easily, neatly, and fast. eMathStudio's notebooks are designed for writing mathematics. They include everything you need for doing math assignments easily on the computer. Easy to use math editor for different levels of math, calculator, math checker, graphing tools, tables and possibilties to insert and embed material from other sources.

Digital classroom

Follow your students' progress in real time or get access to their notebooks. Check your students assignments automatically, give individual feedback and share some solutions as models to all your students. Start you lesson knowing where the skill gaps are and what you need to focus on. Group students together so that they can help each other, or so that you can explain that specific issue to everybody who needs to hear it, once.

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