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🤖 AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? 🤖

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The learning platform for mathematics

eMathStudio makes continuous feedback possible in mathematics. Unlike Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Byju's, or Dreambox, it lets you structure your calculation and checks for mistakes.

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Write easily. Check every step.

Step-by-step checking in a new way that helps you understand exactly where your calculation went wrong. So that you can find your mistakes, and learn from them.

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See every detail

It’s not the answer that matters, it’s the path to the answer. In eMathStudio you can see the full solutions submitted by the students, compare, correct, and communicate effectively. Everything, so that you can help your students reach their potential, with the little time available.

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Why eMathStudio?

In mathematics, everything builds upon the previous thing. If you miss one thing, it becomes difficult to learn the next. Finding the gaps, and getting students to understand, is essential. eMathStudio works as a scalable tutor, using automatic assessment and learning data to help students understand. The all-in-one learning platform includes tools for learning and teaching, skill gap analysis for catching up, and high quality learning material.

Write math naturally

Bring technology and pedagogy closer together with the only environment that understands mathematics. eMathStudio makes it easy to write math digitally, gives automatic feedback, and knows your strengths and how to improve. It also provides the classroom environment, with analytics, access to students assignments, and automatically assessed exams.

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Find your skill gaps

The level of competence varies greatly among students in a class. With eMathStudio's SkillGap analysis, the gaps in every student's individual knowhow are identified and drawn on a map so a student can see their suggested learning path and progress. The map shows how the foundational skills are connected in mathematics, and gives students insights on their problem areas as well as links to material they can study to fix these.

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All the books you need

The platform includes book series published by Four Ferries, including the award winning Finnish curriculum Open Mathematics books for Primary School and the eMath-series for Secondary Schools. You can also copy and paste material together from existing books or create your own ones that you can share between teachers and schools.

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Distance Learning, eMath and Covid-19

Calculate math, get immediate feedback and share work from home. Continue learning and keep those kids busy during shutdowns.

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Over 7000 happy students!

eMathStudio makes math easier and more beautiful

Fanny, 17 years, Finland

Now I think about what I’m supposed to do next as opposed to just calculating.

Girl, Finland

Calculating assignments on the computer is convenient!

Frida 16 years and Emilia 17 years, Finland

I have always dreamt about the students being able to explain their solutions. This is even better!

Teacher, Estonia

It is the clarity in it, absolutely. When a student's mind is wandering and she is looking around casually, then she can catch up by reading the comments written there in between. It is good for the students, in particular, that what the teacher is saying is now written down there in the solution too.

Teacher, Finland

I would recommend this method to those who are weak in maths. I wasn’t good, my grade was 3 (scale 1-5) but now it’s 5. Structured derivations helped me.

Boy, Estonia

Thanks to eMathStudio you really do understand each step.

Boy, Finland

eMathStudio is a better way to do math

Mathias, 17 years, Finland

Education Awards

A leader in EdTech Mathematics

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