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🤖 AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? 🤖

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Highly praised eMath books

Use our free books or tailor your own ones based on the official Finnish high school mathematics curriculum!

More than 300 assignments/book

Solve your assignments directly in the textbooks with math tools that make it simple. Get immediate feedback on your calculations with the step-by-step math checker.

Teach math logically

The eMath textbook series is developed by Math teachers from Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The books follow a teaching approach that uses the Structured Derivations methodology, where the idea is that every step is explained in words. This makes it easy to follow the examples that explain the theory. At the same time the approach forces the student to reflect on what they are doing. The books also introduce the students to logic, a step often skipped in school, but without which mathematics becomes magic instead of reasonable and understandable.

Fully customizable

Change order, add videos and content from other sources, and embed webpages for active access to other sites. You can also use any existing material that you have, copy from the ones published by Four Ferries or create and share your own material with your peers or even between schools.

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