eMathStudio is your digital math notebook. It offers a new way of automatically checking math assignments that helps students understand what they don't understand.

Automatic step-by-step checking

Check the correctness of every step of your own calculation, from middle school to university level mathematics. The checker will show you exactly where you have made mistakes so that you can go back and fix them, learn from them, and become more confident about all the things you do understand.

Math notebook

Write math easily, neatly, and fast. eMathStudio's notebooks are designed for writing mathematics. They include everything you need for doing math assignments easily on the computer. Easy to use math editor for different levels of math, calculator, math checker, graphing tools, tables and possibilties to insert and embed material from other sources.

Digital classroom

Follow your students' progress in real time or get access to their notebooks. Check your students assignments automatically, give individual feedback and share some solutions as models to all your students. Start you lesson knowing where the skill gaps are and what you need to focus on. Group students together so that they can help each other, or so that you can explain that specific issue to everybody who needs to hear it, once.

Use with your favorite textbooks

eMathStudio's advanced learning management system is perfect for self studies, home schooling and learning in class. You can assign homework easily to your students and let them answer the assignments in the digital notebooks. Use with any textbook or digital material and just replace your traditional loose papers or notebooks.

Or check our eMath Library and Store

You can find quizzes to test your skills, textbooks and exams for grade 7 to university level mathematics and vocational studies. The eMath series guides you to solve math problems properly, so that you will understand it for life. eMath will introduce logic into your math studies and help you explain your steps, so that you can learn to understand mathematics.

Online, Offline

We know that network connections can be bad some days, but we can't let that stop your class. Download the offline app for the bad days and you can continue seamlessly with your lessons. The system will save everything on your account, immediately when it gets network connection again.

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