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🤖 AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? 🤖

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Distance & hybrid learning

Calculate math, get immediate feedback and share work from home. Continue learning and keep those kids busy during shutdowns.

Teacher Story

I like eMath because I can see how much and in what way my students are working. I can comment and correct their solutions. Positive feedback motivates the students to try a little bit extra, and it boosts their self-confidence. As a teacher I can build up a more personal relationship to my students. I can easily share my students’ solutions or my own solutions with the whole group. Going over homework at the beginning of lessons is much quicker when I have had a chance to look at the students’ answers before the lesson, and found typical problems. This makes it possible to use the lesson time very efficiently! 

I like the fact that I can add my own examples and assignments, pages and chapters and delete ones I don’t want to use. Both my students and I can add pictures, videos, sound clips and links to the notebooks and build our own books. eMathStudio can actually be used in any subject, I find it especially good when students are doing portfolio type work. 

It is surprising how quickly writing mathematics and building up the answer digitally becomes natural for the students! And now during Corona times the video chat that is included in the course environment has been very convenient. We used it when we had digital exams also, so that I could supervise the students while they were writing the exam.

Henna Lillhonga, Mathematics and Chemistry teacher at Vasa Gymnasium, Finland

Going digital with math

Distance learning can be challenging, especially in mathematics education. Our digital notebooks and tools are specifically designed for mathematics. They will help you write math easily, neatly, and fast, and include everything you need for doing math assignments easily on the computer. Easy to use math editor for different levels of math, calculator, math checker, graphing tools, tables and possibilties to insert and embed material from other sources.

Work as you used to

You don’t have to change anything. Start off by reading theory and assignments in your own paper or digital textbook. Take a photo of your handwritten calculations with your smart phone and add to you notebook immediately. As a teacher, you can get access to your students’ notebooks. You can also assign homework in your courses, follow-up in real time how your students are completing them, and give individual feedback directly in their submitted homework.

When you are ready, benefit from digital math!

Gradually move towards calculating digitally. We promise you, it has great benefits. Follow your students' progress in real time. Check your students assignments automatically, give individual feedback and share some solutions as models to all your students. Start your lesson knowing where the skill gaps are and what you need to focus on. Group students together so that they can help each other, or so that you can explain that specific issue to everybody who needs to hear it, once.

Need more?

Create your own material and publish as open access or for sale. Contact us, if you are interested, at support@emathstudio.com.

We are here to help you. If there is a feature you are wondering about or you are unsure how to get started, please contact us and we can either set a video call or send some examples.

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