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Skill gap test in your school

On this page, you will find instructions for how to participate in the first part of the evaluation, the skill gap test.

1. Sign in

The skill gap evaluation is done with the help of a test. The average time to take the test is 2 hours.

- On your course page (Moodle environment), click on the correct link to go to the skill gap test.

2. Choose "Skill gap test in mathematics"

- You will be directed forward to eMathStudio
- In the left menu bar, choose “Courses”.
- Open the “Available” tab to view courses available to you. Choose your own group’s “Skill gap test in mathematics”.
- To open the test, insert the course key that you received from your teacher.

During and after the test

First we will make sure that everybody has made it successfully into eMathStudio. Next, we will get familiarized with the platform and practice answering the “Learn to use the system” questions together or with the help of a video. After this, the actual test begins. The test consists of several pages, so continue to the next page until you get to the page where it says that this is the last page of the test.

After the test you will get access to your own skill gap map (your teacher will add the link to the maps to your Moodle course page). The map shows you which fundamental skills you have mastered and which you should practice more. If there are problem areas on your map, this means that you should put an effort into learning these skills before you continue, so that it will be easier for you to understand the next topics in your mathematical studies.

Good luck!

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