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🤖 AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? 🤖

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Proven impact on grades

eMathStudio is a spin off out of basic research done for 20+ years at Universities around the world. The impact of using eMath was measured in a 3-year study on 180+ students in Finland. In the study the average grade per math subject was measured for every student and it was found to be 25% higher (1-2 whole grades) than in the control group.

The highest impact however came from the fact that 0 students dropped out in the eMath classes, where as the average lies between 20 to 40%.

This and continued research is what motivates us to continue on our path to helping students never miss a step in mathematics. Unlike other subjects; mathematics requires that you are able to notice what you have missed as soon as possible AND can go back to fixing it.

The methodology has been co-developed over the years between the following universities:

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