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πŸ€– AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? πŸ€–

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Best Digital Learning Solution from Finland πŸ†

eMathStudio wins Best Hybrid and Distance Model in Teaching and the Main Prize!

We are proud to announce that eMathStudio is the category winner for Best Hybrid and Distance Model in Teaching and the Main Prize winner of the eEemeli competition: Best Digital Learning Solution in Finland.

The 2021 eEemeli competition, organised by The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre (Suomen eOppimiskeskus ry), wanted to take into account distance learning during the pandemic and highlight solutions that support learning in innovative and learner-centred ways. There were three competition categories: A Major Learning Act, A Learning Ecosystem, and a product series: Distance and Hybrid Models in Teaching.

The selection criteria made us proud:

β€œThe jury thanks the product in particular for its pedagogical strength and good consideration of accessibility. The product is versatile in its functions, it motivates learning and helps to deepen the understanding of mathematics.”

Read more about the competition and the other finalists (in Finnish): Best Digital Learning Solution in Finland

We wish to thank the students, teachers and researchers around the world for their feedback. Co-operation between research and schools is the only way to develop a truly game changing support that can be used daily inside and outside classrooms.

On this point, we totally agree with Kirstin Simmers, in the recent EdSurge article, that their are numerous benefits with β€œinviting researchers to sit down with actual teachers to discuss real issues in real schools and co-create real solutions that we can adapt to a variety of circumstances.”

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