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🤖 AI in education – an enabler or an inhibitor? 🤖

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Virtual tutor

Automatically assessed evaluations of the foundational skills in mathematics. Drawn out conveniently on a map of mathematics.

What does your skill gap map look like?

In mathematics, everything builds on the previous issues. If you have gaps in your knowledge, learning the next thing will be difficult. The skill gap map breaks up the curriculum into basic foundational skills that every math lesson builds upon.

Understand the needs of your new students

The curriculum defines what the students should learn and what they should have learnt. But the group that starts at your school has mastered this to very different levels. You have the chance to change their path, by teaching them what they have missed.

Set the date

Order the skill gap test to your school. After we have set the date, we will send you a link for the test and a link for a video call.

Book a SkillGap test

Take the test

The test will take 1,5 h, your teachers or students don’t have to learn anything before, the eMath support team will teach everything during the test. The support team will connect to the class via a video call.

Study the skill gap maps

Endulge into the results showing which skill gaps your students have, and what each student should learn to fix those skill gaps. Get assignments and an individual study path for each student and start practicing in eMathStudio with the help of the math checker.

Book a SkillGap test
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